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Judge If You Must

Love Me, Hate My Music
Here's the game... Behind the cut are at least three songs by three different artists that I like but am normally ashamed to admit that I like. If you click, you must post the same meme in your LJ with your own shameful choices. You must also leave a comment if you like one of my picks.

Never Been To Me by Melanie This is actually by Charlene. Thanks to luxlis for catching this.
Yes, I love this song. It has a very crazy faux-feminist message and is just not a real treat musically but I love it anyway. I used to sing along every time it came on the radio making my three younger brothers nuts. My dad always let me sing no matter how much they complained. (Thanks Dad!)

Please Mister Please by Olivia Newton-John
I taped this song off the radio with my black tape recorder and tiny microphone. I played it all the time so I could learn the words. Then I taped myself singing it a cappella. The best part was playing my version for my brothers just to drive them crazy. Good times!

Copacabana by Barry Manilow
This one is truly mortifying. I loved to roller skate and this was my favorite song to skate to. I bought the Barry Manilow Live album and taped it - handy little recorder! Then I'd play this song and skate around my carport to it for hours. I am almost tempted to choose another song to write about because I am so embarrassed by this but I am being honest. Snicker all you want.

Thanks to beccak1961 for opening up this can of squirm.
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