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Jazz Fest Weather Report

The weather for the first weekend of Jazz Fest looks very good for all three days. The weather tomorrow looks to be superb. The temperature should be in the low 70s with minimal humidity and 20-30 mph breezes. Absolute heaven!

Jazz Fest is always fun but it's much more pleasant when it's not too hot. The hottest day I remember was when I saw Joan Osborne during the peak of the God song mania in 1995. There was no cloud cover to shield us from the sun, it was in the upper 80s and the humidity was unmerciful. It was extremely crowded around the stage where she was performing which only adds to the stickiness factor. Juannie and I always bring a spray bottle with a fan to keep us cool so we shared our mist with the sweltering crowd around us as we danced and sang along. Joan Osborne put on a great show that day making her performance just as memorable as the heat.
Tags: jazz fest, new orleans, weather
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