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Juannie has been bugging me to put air in one of my tires for a couple of weeks. I only know of one working air thingie in my regular wanderings. I don't pass by there everyday and the days when I did pass by, it was raining or I was running late for work. So I never got around to putting air in it.

This morning he noticed there is a nail in my tire and he got pretty snippy with me about the tire and guilted me into getting it patched. I took it to a tire place and the nail has pierced the inner wall of the tire. So I need to buy a new tire. I am not in the mood today to deal with car stuff.

When I lived in San Francisco, I didn't need a car because I took the bus and BART everywhere. I wouldn't drive at all here if we had a better transit system in NO. Plus, I would get a lot more reading done if I didn't spend that hour each day driving myself.
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